Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Art of Conference

YAY GENERAL CONFERENCE! It was full of awesome. <3>

What I also enjoyed was taking notes and drawing at the same time. ^w^ Probably no one who reads this knows but I wasn't in the best of moods saturday night and was rather discouraged where art is concerned...However, Sunday before the second session or someit I pulled out an old sketch book...This was what greeted me.

Slightly freaky, especially with the way the scanner scaned it...The blue stuff...<.<...>.>...Anyways, this made me want to redraw this character, she is my online alias for those who don't know. Stormelle.

Long story short...I feel rather better, and majorly happy...Been drawing a lot the past few days. Also, I want her shirt. <3

1-Isabelle-Character for an RP. 2-Rei Kon-From Beyblade, an anime that Kenzy,Alex, and I used to watch, he's my favorite character. 3-Zidane, another of my characters he comes from the same story as Stormelle. 4-This one I didn't draw! And friend of mine on an art site I use drew it and I asked her if I could color it. T'was fun.
Anyways, sorry, this is prolly long cuz of the pictures. I didn't really know what I was doing...@@

See ya!!

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  1. I too like said shirt. I'm always impressed by your sweet drawing skills!