Friday, May 22, 2009

Warrior Dress

I dunno about the title...Today was The Best of Warriors assembly, the longest, most awesome, most depressing, most happy...Assembly of the year. And I have the song that the Production's girls sang stuck in my head...."Strongest Suit."

Anyways. I'm not in Productions, but I'm still excited for next year. ^.~ The shows, that I remember, for next year are as follows.

-The Mystery Heir...Or someit like that, I believe it's a murder mystery.<---Productions
-How to Succeed at Buisness Without Really Trying, the musical. ^w^ <---Will audition....If I have the grades....D:
-Aida<--Featuring "Strongest Suit", Productions
-A British Farse<--Will Audtion
-And there might be one in there that I'm missing...>.<;

Anyways, I'm excited for my Senior year and stuff...I'll miss the Seniors but I think I'm getting over it, I think I had my sob moments yesterday....>.<;