Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

So...I don't really have anything April Fools-ish to say but it is the day. HAPPY B-DAY ALEX!

Updates....Productions try outs as well as A'capella choir tryouts are coming up. I'm excited for both but a little nervous for the dancing part of Productions. OH! Productions musical of next year is Aida. :3 Very exciting, non?

As for anything else, I'm planning on volunteering for Anime Banzai next year and I also need to start working on my cospaly, I'm very excited. I'll probably be cosplaying Esther from Trinity Blood, I'll post an iamge later if you would like to see.

Nothing else really to talk about tonight, happy April Fools!

1 comment:

  1. Okay sister, I don't really know what all of those things you talked about the anime thing...and did you mean to write "cospaly"
    or "cosplay"? Any way. I think you'll do great in your AUDTITIONS!!!! Ashby and I are cheering in your corner! Ashby said "I love you, Aunt Michelley!" And I agree. Talk to you later.
    When do you need the Moab picture by? I am planning on posting them that soon enough?