Monday, March 9, 2009

The Mystery of Warrior TV

Ugh....Is it weird to hate being done with something early in a computer class? Cuz I don't like it...Seriously...Spent Thursday running around getting footage for the current project that Cole(a friend in the class) and I decided to work on. He's nice and all but a bit er....Complacent...Especially when tired. So after about half the class period he asked if he could go back to class cuz he was tired (EXCUSE ME! I didn't go to bed earlier then like...One PM last week!....*fumes quietly*)....But....I really didn't care, he was just helping us (the anchor and myself) find people. So I said he could. Spent that whole class period minus a few minutes at the end getting footage. We importated all of the footage and then edited it today....Wow...Now....I'm offically bored. And will be in this class for the rest of the week...I'm so bored that I made this.

Yep....So...Really...I guess I'm not that bored, just had to rant a bit. And thus my rant ends. :D But I'd like to say thank you to my big sister and her cute little family for brightening my day. Ashby, my lil' neice of adorable-ness, Danka!

Aside from that, I guess....Well...I really don't know....If your bored you can go check out the video that was finished before today's video.
Unusual Talents, it's the....Second one down.

Anyways....I'm going to go entertain myself in the lunch room. See ya!



  1. We love you too! Hope your day was okay. Sorry about the dude that didn't want to stay to help

    It's snowing flurries here. :( Ashby wants to know if your getting snow too?

  2. Eh, s'ok. He's good about other stuff...He was just tired. And I just wanted to fume a bit...<.<...>.>....

    That we are. I think it's slightly evil...Well...Not really...Just...Annoying. Y'know?